Recording contact and other personal information through Online Scout Manager

OSM allows us to securely store personal information about the young people and adults in the Group. If every section uses this in a consistent way it will allow us to smoothly transfer young people between sections and provide the Group administrator with up-to-date information about all current members (no need to complete a termly spreadsheet).

The process for recording contact and other personal information is as follows:
  • Collecting contact and personal information: Every section uses their own system (paper or electronic forms) for collecting information. It is up to the section leader to ensure that all required information is collected promptly for all new members. The information that must be collected is shown in the list of OSM data fields below.
  • Recording contact and personal information: The section leader is responsible for ensuring that all required information is stored in OSM (though they may delegate this task to someone else as they wish). To ensure that information transfers accurately between sections we need to use the data fields in a consistent way, as detailed under Personal Details Fields below.
  • Granting access to contact and personal information: Read only access to the Contact Details page (or read and write if preferred) should be granted to the Group administrator and Group Scout Leader. This access is granted as described on the Recording Keeping page.
Personal Details Fields

Follow these steps to customise the personal details fields:
  • Click Settings in the top right of the OSM screen.
  • Click Personal Details Fields in the Section Settings menu on the left.
  • Edit the name of the field by clicking the edit (pencil) icon next to the field name, typing a new name and then clicking the save icon.
  • Choose which fields show in the personal details page (and in your In Touch records if you use OSM for this) by checking or unchecking the boxes.
The following is a complete list of the required fields, including the default and new names and whether or not to include the fields on the Personal Details page. The ticked fields must be shown – others may be shown if you require them for your Section.

Default field name 33rd Oxford rename to: Show? Notes
 Phone 1 Home Phone Yes If there is no home phone just leave this blank
 Phone 2 Mum Mobile Yes If no number is provided just leave this blank
 Phone 3 Dad Mobile Yes If no number is provided just leave this blank
 Phone 4 - - You may use this field if you wish for eg work no.
 Email 1 Main Email Yes You must obtain at least one email address
 Email 2 Alternative Email - This won’t always be populated
 Email 3 - - You may use these fields if needed for any other email
 Email 4 - - addresses that are provided
 Patrol - Yes This displays as Lodge/Six/Patrol as applicable
 Date of birth - Yes This is used to calculate the age information
 Address 1 Address Yes Ensure that this includes a postcode
 Address 2 - - Use this field if an additional address is supplied
 Parents - Yes Include all known parents, with first names
 Notes Scouting CRB/Membership number Yes Add this for leaders and CRBed parents
 Medical Medical/Dietary Yes Include eg allergies/disabilities/learning difficulties
 Subs - - Not required as we’re using the Gift Aid page
 Religion - - Not essential but useful to know
 School - - Particularly useful for younger sections
 Gift Aid - - Not required as we’re using the Gift Aid page
 Custom 1 Emergency Contact Yes This is someone other than a parent eg Grandma
 Custom 2 Emergency Contact Phone Yes As above – may have multiple numbers
 Custom 3
 Parents’ Interests Yes Always useful for the section and Group to know!
 Custom 4
 - - These fields are available for the sections to use (or
 Custom 5
 - - not) as they wish, for example, to record permissions
 Custom 6
 - - (eg photo, off-site, medication, shooting) or other
 Custom 7
 - - details
 Custom 8
 - - 
 Custom 9
 - -