Gift Aid through Online Scout Manager

Section leaders are responsible for ensuring that Gift Aid information is collected and recorded on the Gift Aid page in Online Scout Manager.

Gift Aid is extremely valuable to the Group. We need the help of all volunteers in order to maximise the amount that we can claim back. We are able to claim an additional 25p for every £1 donated to the Group. All subs payments are classified as donations – working on the basis that we receive in subs of around £10,000 per year if every parent makes a declaration this gives us an additional £2,500 per year!

The easiest way to obtain a Gift Aid Declaration is through Online Scout Manager (this part of the system is free for all users).
  • The first time you use the Gift Aid declaration, check you are happy with the wording of the request email:
  • Click Settings in the top right of the OSM screen.
  • Click on My.SCOUT in the left hand menu and scroll down to Website and Automated Emails Customisation
  • Select [Email] Gift Aid Declaration from the drop down list and click Edit Template
  • Amend the wording as required (see below for suggested wording) and then click Save – this will now be stored and will not need to be amended again
  • Click on Finances & Admin and then on Gift Aid
  • Click Ask parents to complete declaration online

Suggested wording for OSM Gift Aid email:

Dear Parents

Please note that this is relevant to you even if we are unable to claim gift aid from your donations – we still need you to opt out so that we know that you have responded and don’t keep chasing you!

One of the most significant sources of income for the Group is generated from Gift Aid, the government scheme that gives us 25 pence for every pound donated to us, including the membership fees you pay for [MEMBER_FIRSTNAME]. You may have already made a paper declaration, or a declaration using the form on the Group Website, but we're also asking everyone to opt in or out through My.SCOUT so that we have all of the details in one place.

Please click the following link to opt in or out of the Gift Aid scheme. It doesn't cost you anything to opt in and it only takes a few seconds to do.


If the details are already correct, please just click the button at the bottom of the page to confirm this.

Thank you!