Recording Subs Payments through Online Scout Manager

Section leaders are responsible for ensuring that all subs payments are recorded on the Gift Aid page in OSM.

Where a section uses electronic payments through OSM, the Gift Aid page will automatically be populated with the payment amount and date. Any payments not received through OSM must be recorded manually as described below.

Manually recording payments

Click on Finances & Admin and then on Gift Aid

Select the member(s) for whom you want to record a payment (to select multiple members click on the first one and then hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on others). Selected members are shown highlighted in green.

Click the Record Payment button.

Enter the date on which the payment was received and the amount of the payment and click “Save”. The Gift Aid page will be updated to include a column for that date and show all payments received.

Note that if a column already exists for the date on which the payment was made you can simply click in the relevant box and type in the amount received.