Accounts and Finances

Each section has its own bank account and is responsible for the administration of its own finances. The section leader is responsible for ensuring that finances are maintained but may delegate responsibility to another volunteer within the section or Group.

Administration of finances includes:

  • Maintaining a record of all sums received in and paid out (including subs, camp fees, programme expenses, badges, event costs etc)
  • Keeping copies of receipts for all sums paid out
  • Receiving bank statements and checking that the figures shown correspond to the amounts recorded in the accounts
  • Completing and submitting the Group account form promptly when it is sent out at the end of each term
  • Submitting all receipts and copies of bank statements to the Group Treasurer at the end of each financial year (ie end of Spring term)
  • Paying the section subs to the Group each term (cheques payable to “33rd Oxford (Kidlington) Scout Group”)

Sections can choose how to receive payments in:

  • Cash/cheques – these should promptly be paid into the section’s bank account
  • By direct debit/standing order/bank transfer to the section’s bank account
  • Through Online Scout Manager (the Go Cardless payment system, linked to the section’s bank account)
  • Through PayPal, linked to the section’s bank account

Payments out should generally be made by cheque or bank transfer. Small sums may be paid from cash but must always be receipted.