Fundraising Events

The Group has three key fundraising events each year. Money raised from these goes to the Group as a whole.

Scout Post

  • The Scout Post is organised and administered by Dave Eyles and Ron Shrewry.
  • It starts in mid-November with the delivery of leaflets advertising the post and Scout Rail (see below), along with leaflets from local businesses.
  • The next stage is getting the post boxes out to the shops, usually during the last week in November.
  • During the first three weeks of December we collect the cards from the shops and sort them into delivery rounds.
  • In the third week of December the cards are distributed for delivery. Deliveries are done by Scouts and Cubs with any extras picked up by the Explorers.
  • Each sort ideally needs a minimum of 20 people and each year we deliver up to 10,000 cards.

Bag Packing

  • Bag Packing is organised and administered by theĀ Group Scout Leader.
  • Each year in December we spend a day at Sainsbury’s in Kidlington, raising money for the Group. Everyone gets involved, from Beavers through to volunteers, as we pack shopping in return for a donation.

Scout Rail

  • Scout Rail is organised and administered by a small committee.
  • It is a model railway exhibition which is held at Exeter Hall in Kidlington on the first weekend in January each year. It is a two day event which has been running for more than 30 years and which offers a number of layouts and trade stands as well as refreshments.