Group Equipment

Share games etc equipment

In the Bill Genese Room and the Boiler Room there are bags and boxes containing shared Group equipment (ranging from circus skills equipment, through football kits to projectors and screen). Click here to access a complete list of equipment, showing location.
If you use anything please make sure that you put it back where it came from, it good and tidy condition, so others can find it. If you add any new equipment or anything is lost of damaged please let Becca know so she can update the records.
Stores and gas cage

All tents and other camping equipment are kept in the stores (located in the rear corridor, off the left hand hall). To ensure that the equipment is properly maintained and looked after the stores are kept locked at all times. The gas cage is situated just outside the back door of the building.

Tent Directory

We have prepared a tent directory with information about the various different tents available to use. A laminated copy of each tent information sheet is kept in the stores – you can take the sheets you need and refer to them when pitching. You can also download a copy here.

Stores Procedure

All section leaders have a stores key. This does not make the stores your personal domain.

The stores will remain a shared group facility and the procedure below must be STRICTLY adhered to AT ALL TIMES.

Failure to do this will have an adverse effect on other sharers of the facility and displays a selfishness which is not acceptable in SCOUTING.
Section Leaders

  • All equipment to be booked out using the OSM system
  • Create a PDF of your booked kit – two copies to be printed, one for you to keep and one to be put on the clipboard in the stores
  • A copy of the camp equipment list must also be sent to QM a week prior to the camp (Lonnie Boggs –
  • All equipment which is in good order must be returned to the correct location
  • Damaged equipment must be placed on the shelves to the left of the Stores
  • All damage to be reported to the QM by email immediately (Lonnie Boggs –
  • All equipment donated to stores must be tagged with the name of donor and left on the shelf just inside the stores door: please do not just put new equipment on the shelves


  • File all equipment lists in chronological order
  • Change quantity to zero for all faulty equipment (to ensure it does not get booked out)
  • Change quantity back to 1 after repair
  • If repair is not possible:
    • In the case of tents, refer to leaders meeting for a decision on replacement – this will then be referred to the exec for expenditure approval
    • In all other cases purchase replacement

Equipment in Bill Genese Room and Boiler Room

Most of the equipment in the Bill Genese Room (save where it is labelled as belonging to a particular section) and on the top shelf in the Boiler Room is shared equipment for use by all sections.

A list of Group Shared Equipment – including where it can be found – can be downloaded from the File Storage section (under Finances & Admin) of the Jacala Online Scout Manager page.

If you use Group equipment please ensure that you put it away in the same place when you have finished with it: this enables other leaders to find the equipment.

Equipment in Garage

The garage keys are kept on a hook on the side of the pigeon holes in the Bill Genese Room. These open the side door to the garage (padlock and door lock). The trestle tables and benches (available for use by all sections) are stored in the garage, together with some equipment specific to particular sections.