Moving On and Waiting Lists

We are very fortunate in Kidlington as we have no problems with getting young people into the Group. However, this means that we are operating at capacity and need to ensure that the waiting list and moving-on process are well managed.

Due to the current limitation on spaces within all sections we are not accepting young people who have an alternative Group closer to their home address (save where they already have a sibling within the Group).

Joining Beavers

  • The Beaver waiting list is maintained by the Group Administrator in consultation with the Beaver leaders.
  • Allocation of Beaver places is based on when the young person joined the waiting list (ie priority given to those who have been on for longest). Due to the current lack of space within the Cub Packs we are not currently accepting any new Beavers who are older than 6 ½.
  • The Beaver leaders will notify the Group Administrator of how many spaces they have available and when they are able to take new members.
  • The Group Administrator will notify the Beaver leaders of new members at least two weeks prior to the date on which they are due to start and will provide a phone number and email address for the parents, to allow advance contact to be made.

Joining Cubs and Scouts

  • Waiting lists for other sections (to the extent that these are required) are maintained by the relevant section leaders. Due to the current lack of space within the Cub Packs and Scout Troops we are not currently accepting in new members (ie those who are not already a member of the Group) save to the extent that they had already been promised a place and given a start date prior to the January leaders’ meeting or are siblings of others within the Group.
  • Once a young person is a member of the Group we will guarantee them a space within subsequent sections (eg a Beaver must be allocated a space within a Cub Pack and then a Scout Troop). However, while we will try to accommodate a young person’s first choice of section (eg Sea Scouts or Land Scouts) this will not always be possible. Spaces will be allocated within the Group on a first-come basis.
  • To facilitate section size planning, leaders will try to ascertain which section their young people would like to move onto at as early a time as possible. They will communicate this information to the relevant section leaders, either in an email or, preferably, by using the Section Size Planning tool in Online Scout Manager.