Record Keeping: Online Scout Manager

Each section is responsible for maintaining its own records – this can be done by the section leader or can be delegated to another volunteer, though the section leader retains overall responsibility for ensuring that it is done.

The Group uses Online Scout Manager (OSM), a commercial product with an annual subscription charge which sections cover from their own income.

We have agreed that all sections will use OSM for the following purposes as a minimum (click the links for information on how to do each of these things):

  • Recording gift aid information
  • Recording subs payments
  • Recording contact and other personal information

Sharing information

To assist with the sharing of information between the sections (including young people’s details and event information) we have agreed that each section should be granted read access to all other sections’ information. This is done as follows:

  • Click Settings in the top right of the OSM screen.
  • Click Leader Access in the Section Settings menu on the left.
  • Enter the email address of the person you want to add in the box and click Add New User – if they already have an OSM account they will simply appear on your permission list; if not you need to enter their name.
  • Under each of the headings change the drop down to Read.

Additional features

Online Scout Manager also has the following features, which it is recommended that sections make use of.

Note that Online Scout Manager includes lots of useful information and video guides to help you get started with the system. Click the Help button in the top right.

  • Attendance register: track who attends meetings and link to programmes to allow quick updating of badge records
  • Section size planning: add predicted move on dates and intended section to allow easy tracking of expected section size over time
  • Badge records: maintain a record of all badges (and elements of badges) completed by the young people in your section
  • Programme: enter your programme to easily share it with other volunteers – add details of badges completed by the planned activity to allow easy updating of badge records when you update the attendance register
  • Events: use in conjunction with My.SCOUT to advertise events to parents, track who’s attending and collect payments for camps and outings
  • Online payments: collect money using the Go Cardless payment system – allow parents to set up direct debits and receive emails notifying you of payments received to easily keep track of all money coming into the section – no more chasing for late payments as the system does it for you!
  • My.SCOUT: share information with parents (programme, events, personal details, badge progress) and communicate quickly and easily
  • Email system: send emails to specified groups (eg everyone attending a particular camp) with just one email address