Website, Group Calendar and Scout Centre Bookings

Group Website

The Group website is maintained by the Scout Active Support Manager.

Scout Centre Bookings

All Scout Centre bookings must be entered into the Group calendar (see below). There is no charge to a section for using the Scout Centre for Scouting activities at any time (eg for sleepovers or activity days at the weekend).

The Scout Centre can also be booked, at a cost, for other events, meetings and activities (eg District or County events). This should be done through the Group Secretary, who will also be able to advise of the charge that will be applied.

Group Calendar

Each section is responsible for adding their own events to the Group calendar. Adding events serves a number of purposes:

  • If you need to use the Scout Centre for a section event you can book it simply by adding it to the calendar: if it is not in the calendar another section may arrange to use the Scout Centre at the same time and will take priority (if it’s not in the calendar, it’s not booked, save for the regular weekly meetings): note that the event must be added to the Hall Booking calendar, even if it also appears in the section’s own calendar
  • All sections must notify the Group Scout Leader of their programme – adding details into the Group calendar constitutes notification

To add an event:

  • Go to
  • Login details have been supplied to all leaders – if you need a reminder of these (or are new to the Group) please contact the Scout Active Support Manager.
  • On the left you will see a colour coded list of sections that you can add events for (plus one for general Group stuff, one for District/County stuff and one for “Other”)
  • Click on the little arrow to the right of the section and select “Create event on this calendar”
  • Fill in all the details – make sure that you include the section name in the title, that you enter a date and time and that you specify where the event is taking place (eg “Scout Centre” or “Boat Base”)
  • To edit or delete an event, click on the event title and make the necessary changes or click delete (be careful not to delete anyone else’s events!)

Note that you can turn individual calendars on and off by clicking on their coloured strip (it goes white when you turn it off). If you turn them off please make sure you turn them on again before logging off.