Executive Committee

Who are the Executive Committee?

The Exec consists of a Chairman, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Group Scout Leader, Section Leaders, Quartermaster and parents from each section. The Committee can also co-opt up to four members from interested parties. These may be from parents of Scouts who have left the Group but who are still interested in helping out or anyone with some expertise or interest to add to the Group. See our Contact Us page for details of the Exec members.

We also have various sub groups who meet to discuss one particular issue and come back to the Exec with recommendations. These are the Finance Group and Buildings Group at the present time.

Why do we have an Executive?

Well one answer would be that we have to! But apart from that the Exec members basically oversee the Scout Group. They make decisions about how the Group is run, what the money is being spent on, agree recommendations brought to them by the sub groups or the requests made by the uniform section. They also help out with fundraising sometimes, but this isn’t strictly what an Exec is about – but some members feel they can offer a bit more time and like to help out in this way.

How often do they meet?

Not that often. Once every two months from 8.00 – 9.30 pm. Usually on a Thursday evening. Sub groups meet when necessary.

Will I have to join a sub group?

Not if you don’t want to! For instance the Buildings Group are made up of people interested in DIY or have some technical knowledge of building maintenance. We have in the past formed a Recruitment Group made up of members interested in advertising the group and getting new leaders. So if you have an interest in any of the groups – maybe you are a financial wizard or have printing connections – and have time to spare, you would be a most welcome addition.

How do I join?

Some people are nominated by the Group Scout Leader. He is always looking for volunteers! Others are elected at the Annual General Meeting in May of each year but if any parent is interested in joining at other times, they won’t be turned away. It is good to have parents from each section. If you’d like to join or want more information please fill in our application form or contact our Group Scout Leader Andrew Innes: ainnes1067@aol.com